Meet Dr Larissa Suzuki

DR Larissa suzuki – EUR ING, BSc, MPhil, PhD, CEng, FIET, FRSA, AFHEA, IntPE, British-brazilian-italian computer scientist, academic and entrepreneur.

I am EUR ING Dr Lara (Larissa) Suzuki (BSc MPhil PhD CEng FRSA FIET AFHEA IntPE), an award-winning, passionate computer scientist, inventor, author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

I am the Data/AI Technology Practice Lead at Google (UK&I), AI Principle Ethics Fellow at Google, and conduct work on the Interplanetary Internet on Google Cloud with Vint Cerf. My continuing academic work is at UCL where I serve as an Honorary Associate Professor of Computer Science. I am also a guest Lecturer at University of Oxford, and a member of the Technology Board of Founders4Schools.

My engineering career started at the age of 16. At the age of 18 I was a scientific initiation fellow, and at the age of 21 I founded my first business (software house), and at age of 23 I became a University Lecturer teaching in BSc in Computer Science and in MBA programs.

My career includes 15 years working in many fields of engineering, including smart cities, ML, emerging technology, and computing applied to medicine / neuroimaging (cancer diagnosis) and operations research.

My previous experiences includes senior appointments such as Director of Product Management at Oracle, Head of Data Science at Founders4Schools/Workfinder, Senior Project Manager at London Government, TfL and other work experiences at European Commission, ARUP, IBM, University Labs (UCL, MIT, Lancaster, USP), Smar, Bank of Brazil.

I’ve received numerous awards, grants and recognitions from MIT, Intel, Google, IBM, ACM, IET, Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation, Microsoft Research, Siemens, EPSRC, McKinsey & Co, among many others for my contributions to industry and international science.

I’ve published several research papers academic journals, books and conferences, am a frequent Keynote, conference and panel speaker (including TEDx). I am a Council Member of the Queen Elizabeth Prize or Engineering Ambassador Network and member of the Create the Trophy Sifting Committee, a judge and reviewer of the ACM Global Research Competition, Chair of the IET Innovation Awards (R&D category), and grants reviewer for the Royal Academy of Engineering. I am also a journal reviewer for IEEE and Springer, and the chair of the Tech London Advocates Smart Cities.

Since 2003 I’ve been actively working towards increasing the representation of people of all kinds in Engineering (e.g IET, UCL, Anita Borg Institute of Women and Technology).